Liga Brasileira de Team Fortress 2 (17ª Edição)

Central - 3

Mind Hunters
Home Team
Soga Solutions
Away Team
Kumahero captain
Des captain
jão captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Match Comms

Any day is okay for us.

Do you guys want to play on default day and time?

Did you guys agree on a day/time for the match?

can you play tomorrow (sunday) night?

Depends on the time, we have a Highlander semi-final match at 20:00. It'll probably end at around 22:00

At 10 pm it seems perfect

We'll play Sunday at 22:00 then, we might have a bit of a delay due to how unpredictable Highlander matches are.

(Eles deram w.o. estou apenas esperando o cara dar forfeit, mas se eles quiserem jogar ainda antes da rodada terminar a gente aceita.)

Consegui remarcar o jogo para amanha (10/11 - Terca-feira) as 20:00 <--- cp_metalworks <---- koth_product_rcx