Liga Brasileira de Team Fortress 2 Highlander (6ª Edição)

Aberta - 1

Trevor Philips Industries
Home Team
Away Team
genuine captain
WTCH♣santi♦ captain
Snek captain
Neigeflocon captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

Hello I am the leader from Trevor Philips and I want to ask if you guys can do at 23h CET (european time)

23H for our time is 19H for your time as you can see here:

Best regards.

I added you on steam to discuss the times and dates.

We prefer to play Saturday.

CONFIRMADO: Match será no sábado às 17h em horário da argentina

At last minute we need use a mercenary, our Medic have personal problems and can't be part of the match, we need your permission so Ciruja.x64 ( may play. Best regards.

I asked the team about your situation, most of them said no.

sorry about that.

Try to find another merc or you guys play with 8 people sadly

Ok, may we use this medic?
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I asked them again and they change ideas. No mercs allowed

So that's a no

Trevor Philips Industries won 2-0. (for some reason the logs from are glitchy so I post on