Liga Brasileira de Team Fortress 2 (17ª Edição)

Aberta - 4

Home Team
Away Team
d4rkooooo captain
hitze captain
  • cp_prolands_rc2p
    Forbiden lost to Barebones, 0 to 5
  • cp_gullywash_final1
    Forbiden lost to Barebones, 0 to 5
  • Availability
    Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Match Comms

    I propose that the macth be on Saturday at 19:30

    hitze captain Barebones

    I won't be at home saturday, can it be default day?

    My team cannot on Friday, many will have class, so the day would be Saturday, you have people that someone will replace you.

    hitze captain Barebones

    I'll check, I don't have subs for me, we can play it Sunday 20h UTC-3

    hitze captain Barebones

    So, my team can only play today... Then it will be default day

    we coordinate what would be on Sunday

    stop being undecided

    sunday 19:30

    hitze captain Barebones

    We said Sunday 20h...

    ok sunday 20h