Liga Brasileira de Team Fortress 2 (17ª Edição)

Aberta - 1

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Cobra Academy
Away Team
dom caixote captain
Tokkenn captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Match Comms

Hi ,
First of all I would like you to contact me about the time and date of the match , in which we want have so that there are no problems in the reservation of the services, I await your response
have a nice day
I have available on Friday at 19:00 utc-3 br schedule

19:00 Is fine for us!

então essa sexta-feira é perfeita

Hey, one member of the team will not be able to play today. We are in contact with one merc to join our team. Are you ok if he plays today? He is the player hypeed_

on my part there is no problem you would only have to consult the admin or the tournament staff

Please post the logs on this page.
Por favor, coloquem as logs nesta página.

Why does the last log ( only have four players on red team?
Por que a log só mostra 4 jogadores no time vermelho?

because it was the last game

Did the players leave? How many players played in red during the Golden Cap? The minimum number of players is 5 during a match!
Os jogadores saíram da partida? Quantos jogadores jogaram no vermelho durante o Golden Cap? O mínimo de jogadores é de cinco!

The issue has been solved by looking at server logs.
A dúvida foi resolvida ao olhar pelas logs do servidor.

Result confirmed.
Resultado confirmado.