Liga Brasileira de Team Fortress 2 Highlander (6ª Edição)

Aberta - 1

Chilean wave
Home Team
BREAD Fortress
Away Team
Major captain
jajavier captain
LarKs' captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

hi can you play friday 19:30?

19:30 is heavy for my team, can it be at 20:00 or 20:30? (Brasilia time)

Ow, Hey, so, we can do on Friday, but we can only do on 20:00PM, it's ok?

disregard my comment above.

of course XD

already booked a server to friday 20h

oreo#7865 my discord for the connect and stuff

Hey, we've got the server, here it is
connect; password 8b88737c

Oh, btw, can we use a complet for our scout? He didn't show up in the last moment, he's name is Darwin, he'll be playing scout