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aka JATF2 | Peacemaker ♥
Joined on Tue Oct 13 2020

Hi! Im Peacemaker, also known as Peace, my real name is Victor, im a spy main, i play mostly spy on both pubs and competitive.
Im not the best trickstaber, neither the best spy, or even a good spy for that matter. lol
But im still a calm, gentle, nice, a good friend, and educated man.

I started on competitive recently, and had a lot of fun, if you wish to contact me, to talk, trade, anything, just need to get in my steam community profile.

Have a nice day! Goodbye.

430 hours as spy, 1701 hours in Tf2


Peacemaker ♥ has played in 1 leagues:

Liga Brasileira de Team Fortress 2 Highlander (6ª Edição)
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