Copa FBTF (5ª Edição)

Taça Ghosten Tüchel (Aberta) - 1

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Holandobowlandia captain Head Admin
Hotspur captain
  • cp_granary_pro_rc10
    Holo-Doom beat shy, 4 to 1
  • koth_bagel_rc3
    Holo-Doom beat shy, 4 to 0
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    Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday
    Match Comms

    We can play Friday at 20 br

    Can it be friday at 21:30? (Brazil’s time)

    We can't at that hour, some of our guys have to do their stuff, can we play next week at Monday at 20 br?

    20 br please

    20 is really bad for us during the week. Can you guys play on sunday at night? Its perfect for us

    match tuesday 11pm

    enter image description here

    they approved hitze as a ringer